Alfresco Sheetster WCM Extension

The Sheetster Alfresco WCM Add-On combines the power of Sheetster--The first and only Open Source Web spreadsheet and server with Alfresco--the Open Source alternative for Enterprise content management.

As a primary business tool, an Open Source web spreadsheet offers a host of benefits to the business user, developer and IT manager. With Sheetster, business users can edit, share and manage their spreadsheets all within Alfresco ECM, allowing for collaboration and delivery of real time data and charts. As an Open Source solution, developers can easily extend and embed the web spreadsheet within their applications. It can be run on any server, as a hosted product or download and run locally. Unlike other web spreadsheet applications, Sheetster provides access to the source code, ensuring no third-party unwanted data is being run in the application at any time.

Publish Real-time, Interactive Charts on your Web Site
Web designers and "Photoshop jockeys" cannot keep pace with the need to display relevant, updated business graphics updated on your website and customer portals. Communicating your company's benefits to customers with real time business graphics can be difficult, slow, and expensive. But you can empower your sales and line of business leaders to create powerful, interactive charts and graphs using the tool they already know and love--spreadsheets. We offer the Sheetster web spreadsheet as the perfect way to enable you and your business users to publish real-time, dynamic Ajax charts on your websites while managing them from your Alfresco WCM.