Sheetster Server Professional Edition

Sheetster PRO The First and Only Open Source Web Spreadsheet and Server

The Open Source web based alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

mini wheat of sheester
With millions of Excel users expected to make the shift from the desktop to online spreadsheet applications, our Open Source solution can offer the most cost effective, flexible and secure choice for businesses worldwide.

As a primary business tool, a web spreadsheet server offers a host of benefits to the organization -- from developers and IT manager to end users. With Sheetster, business users can edit, share and manage their spreadsheets within their browser. And because it is Open Source and premise-based, IT departments are free to deploy Sheetster on their own physical servers, private or public clouds.

Sheetster allows for collaboration and delivery of real-time data and charts, enabling the next generation of operational BI.

As an Open Source solution, developers can easily extend and embed the web spreadsheet within their applications. It can be run on any server, as a hosted product or download and run locally. Unlike other web spreadsheet applications, Sheetster provides access to the source code, ensuring no third-party unwanted data is being run in the application at any time.

Your Data Your Choice--Sheetster Server Defined

The Sheetster web spreadsheet supports most of the common features of Excel, as well as robust handling of all Excel file versions, including Excel 2007 and 2010. Sheetster PRO includes the ExtenXLS CellBinder data automation API.

Integration is achieved via an intuitive and extensible REST API which allows for publishing of data-mapped spreadsheet cells as web services. This web-service view of a spreadsheet leverages spreadsheets as secure formula engines within Web 2.0 and traditional client-server web applications.