The Sheetster Web Application User Interface

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This document describes the Sheetster Web Application User Interface.

The Sheetster Web Application Menu

The Web Application has four main categories of Menu options:

  • File
  • Insert
  • Data
  • View

In the following sections, there are descriptions for each of the submenu options in these four categories.

To open a menu, click on the menu title. The submenu options will display beneath it. Clicking on a menu that is already open will hide the submenu.


The File submenu contains the following options.

  • Show/Hide Docs. This will display or hide the Docs Folder. To learn more about the Docs Folder, see the Docs Folder section in this article.
  • New Doc. This opens a new spreadsheet.
  • Save Doc. This saves the currently selected spreadsheet to the Sheetster Spreadsheet Server.

Note: Your changes will be saved locally by default, but will not be permanently saved until you save your spreadsheet. To avoid lost content, always save any important changes to your spreadsheets.

  • Copy Doc. This creates a duplicate copy of the currently selected spreadsheet.
  • Import Doc. This imports a spreadsheet to the Sheetster Spreadsheet Server.
  • Export Doc. This exports the currently selected spreadsheet.


The Insert submenu contains the following options.

  • Images. This inserts an image into your spreadsheet.
  • Links. This inserts a link in your spreadsheet.
  • Formulas. This inserts a formula into your spreadsheet.
  • Charts. This inserts a chart into your spreadsheet.


The Data submenu contains the following options.

  • Rest API Log. This opens the REST API Log.
  • Open This opens the Webpage in the Web Application.


The View menu contains the following items.

  • Close All Views. This closes all open views.
  • View Fullscreen. This expands the currently selected spreadsheet to fullscreen view.
  • Restore Perspective. This restores the default perspective.
  • Manage Site.