Installation and Configuration of the Sheetster Zimlet

The Sheetster Zimlet Installer can be found here:

To install Sheetster Zimlet and Server:
  1. Access to zimbra ssh console to install Sheetster Zimlet Server
  2. Login to your zimbra server as user "zimbra" and run the command:

    zmprov gdpak

    For more information on configuring Zimbra PreAuth see:

  3. Download the appropriate Sheetster Zimlet Installer for your server operating system here:

    Sheetster Zimlet Installer Download

  4. Run installer on your zimbra server using the command:
    #bash install -i console
  5. Enter all required information and enter the Pre Auth key to configure
  6. Test that Sheetster Server starts and can be accessed in browser (ie:
  7. Log into zimbra admin console and install the zimlet zip package from: <sheetster zimlet install>/
  8. (optional if not default) Right click the zimlet icon to bring up configuration menu and set the sheetster zimlet server ipaddress and port

Advanced Configuration Reference

The Zimbra REST Plugin is built into the Sheetster Zimlet Server product which is a component for accessing Zimbra resources through REST api. This Storage and Auth require several configuration settings in the luminet.script file.

The following server settings (configured in luminet.script or through the admin console) enable and configure the Zimlet.

The Zimlet server configuration will require setting the auth to "stateless" to bypass sheetster stateful sessions
INSERT INTO LUMINET_CONFIG VALUES('connect',0,'session_mode','stateless',285,'If set to stateless this field will allow all permissions and data to be handled by the associated Auth objects. Do not add this value unless you are doing custom integration work','')

configure the storage

INSERT INTO LUMINET_CONFIG VALUES('connect',0,'storage_repository','',331,'The URL for the storage server','')
INSERT INTO LUMINET_CONFIG VALUES('connect',0,'storage_auth_ticket_name','authToken',332,'Set to the name of the session/request parameter used to track the authorized session ticket.','')
INSERT INTO LUMINET_CONFIG VALUES('connect',0,'storage_provider','zimbrarest',333,'Set to the friendly name of the storage backend provider.','')

add a preAuthKey from zimbra, see Creating a Preauth Key

INSERT INTO LUMINET_CONFIG VALUES('connect',0,'preauth_key','5a6546f16c44fab20defce39fb850c3b0555dd03f1d8e073aaeeeaad3a4f407f0c',334,'Set to the friendly name of the storage backend provider.','')

Other Requirements and Prerequisites

The WebDAV component included in Sheetster and used in the AddIn is Sardine.

Sardine has a number of dependencies that are in addition to the standard Sheetster dependencies.

Please see the following document for Sardine dependencies. Sardine Dependencies

WebDAV support also requires Java 1.6+ libraries. 

If you are not using 1.6 you can get around this requirement by installing the following libraries:

JAXB 2.1.x and its dependencies (ie: jaxb-api-2.1.jar, jaxb-impl-2.1.12.jar, activation-1.1.1.jar and stax-api-1.0-2.jar )